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Background : Postpartum bleeding is the main cause of maternal death in the developing countries which reaches at 25% of total maternal deaths. Postpartum bleeding mostly occurs on the third stage of labor and childbirth so that it inevitably needs a quick accurate treatment. An oxytocin injection given to the third stage of labor helps the uterus to contract in order to prevent postpartum bleeding. Nipple stimulation on the third stage of labor and early nursing (breast-feeding) to the newborn triggers the body to release oxytocin naturally. Stimulating nipples with fingers will stimulate the release of enough oxytocin, though this has not been proved yet on its effectiveness.

Research objective : The objective of this research is to try figuring out how effective nipple stimulation with fingers is on quickening the duration of the third stage of labor.

Research method : The research method was Quasi-experiment study with Kohort prospective time series approach. The location of the research was Puskesmas Mergangsan (Mergangsan Public Health Centre) with 30 giving-birth mothers who were in the third stage of labor as the research subjects. Those subjects were taken by purposive sampling technique under these conditions: 1) normal partum, 2) parity e”4, 3) between 20 – 35 years old, 4) Haemoglobin e”11 gram%. The treatment group did nipple stimulation with fingers and the control group did not. The collected data was tested descriptively and analytically using F-test with anova one way technique.

Research result : The descriptive result of the duration of the third stage of labor on the group that did nipple stimulation was 7 minutes (or on the second 5 minutes), and the duration in the group that did not do nipple stimulation was 12 minutes (or on the third 5 minutes). After being tested by anova one way, the significant value resulted 0.000 with sig < 0.05 which meant Ho rejected and Ha accepted (N=30, the error level was on level 0.005). F in the calculation was 42.834 and F in the table was 2.62. F in the calculation > F in the table, therefore Ho rejected and Ha accepted.

Conclusion : The research concluded that nipple stimulation with fingers was effective to quicken the duration of the third stage of labor for 7 minutes in average (or on the second 5 minutes with the quick category). It eventually showed that what was very effective to speed up the duration of the third stage of labor was the second 5 minutes.

Key words : Nipple Stimulation With Fingers, The Duration of the Third Stage of Labor.

Item type : Jurnal Teknologi Kesehatan

Bibliografi : Teknologi Kesehatan Vol. 4, No. l Maret 2008

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Posted on : Maret 2008

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    Maaf jika merepotkan
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